Testimonials for Writing

Laryssa is exactly the type of writer we need in our lives right now. She’s not afraid of new technology. She’s embracing it. She’s not dis-heartened by how technology is taking over the reading world. She is finding ways to adapt. More than most people with an MFA, Laryssa is creating her future and working hard to ensure that she gains the praise she deserves. I have no doubt that Laryssa has a bright future, whether it be social networking, blog writing, or writing for a major publication.

 Jarvis Slacks, Assistant Professor at Montgomery College

I’ve come to appreciate her honest, obvious and deep-seeded passion for the written word, and for always doing her part to ensure that it survives and thrives, despite changes in presentation. Laryssa is a glimmering beam of hope who helps affirm that journalism, creativity and media are going to keep evolving for the better.

– Dawn Quinn

Testimonials for Editorial Services

Laryssa’s editing was exactly what my book needed. She was remarkably thorough, her word-choice suggestions were always on-point, and her global comments provided precisely the kind of direction my book needed to take it to the next level in quality. In addition to being thorough, she was fast – my 100,000 word manuscript was back to me in less than a month. I can’t recommend her editing services highly enough.

– Christopher Dwyer

As a cartoonist, I want the very best version of my story reaching my audience. Laryssa Wirstiuk makes that happen. By cutting unnecessary bits and reworking sentences, she clarifies my scripts. She’s a word wizard and a joy to work with. Under her tutelage, my storytelling skills just keep getting better and better. I have plenty of kids comic books and picture books in mind, but before I start the art, I will always send the scripts to Laryssa. My readers deserve the best!

– Mark Mariano (Harvey Award Nominee, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Moonbeam Award Winner)

I worked with Laryssa on my doctoral thesis document, with very tight deadlines and that required some creative thinking. Laryssa did a fine job in all fronts and the final output was of utmost quality. She stayed on top of the work and ensured on-time delivery. Her editing skills are extraordinary along with her pleasing friendly personality. I am very fortunate to have an editor like Laryssa to help me out.

– Murthy Rallapalli (doctoral candidate)

Laryssa is an efficient and professional teacher. I was writing my Master thesis, and was finding someone to correct the English for me. I am not a native speaker so I guess there would be a lot of mistakes in my writing. My schedule is a little bit tight due to my leave being around the corner, I asked her if she could finish editing my thesis within three days. I actually got the feedback in early afternoon on the third day and I was really surprised honestly. Plus, she replies emails very frequently so you wouldn’t have to worry about the delay of schedule if you have a tight one. She corrected my writing in detail, and commented very specifically so that even though we haven’t talked and discussed face to face, I can still understand my mistakes. Therefore, I highly recommend this teacher!

– Chia-Yu (graduate-level student)

Laryssa is efficient and professional to work with. She returns drafts punctually and her enthusiasm for writing and bettering her craft is commendable.

– Eric Wilkens, Senior Analyst, External Communications at Verizon

Testimonials for Tutoring

Laryssa is simply amazing; her positive aura is evident the second you meet her. I’ve always struggled with writing, sometimes due to the fact I am not a creative thinker. Laryssa changed that, she helped me generate new ideas that I wouldn’t have been able to develop on my own. The greatest thing she did was the way she corrected my essays. It was always constructive criticism but wasn’t discouraging at all. Laryssa also guided me in starting my own sport’s blog using WordPress. It would be difficult to not notice the improvement in my writing after working with her.

– Lamar (high school student)

I am very happy with the growth that I see in my daughter’s writing skills after Laryssa’s sessions with her during the past school year. Before, the homework was always a struggle. She used to sit for hours, complaining “I do not know what to write…” Her style and choice of words was very limited. Laryssa came up with assignment that was fun to complete for my daughter; at the same time it was a good way to improve her writing skills. After completing the course with Laryssa, my daughter became a confident writer. She loves it and she is fast in completing her assignments.

– Lana (parent)

This teacher is awesome. She is a wonderful help! Laryssa did many different writing steps or ways to help me improve on my writing. I learned how to write persuasive essays, how to rewrite a moral story into a fable, how to make poetry by making up a story, and I made index cards with idioms and definitions, but I did much more! She is a great teacher!

– Isabella (elementary-level student)

Laryssa is a wonderful person and tutor to work with. She is very positive and is always influencing you to achieve and continue moving forward with your work. Working with her as my tutor for my literature review was a pleasant motivational experience. She made discussing my assignment through email an easy way to communicate. When I requested to meet with her in person to discuss my assignment she did not hesitate. Her calm personality and expertise in writing and grammar gave me the ability to complete my assignment correctly and on a timely manner. I would definitely work with her in the future and recommend her to anyone I know.

– Gracie (graduate-level student)

I have never been a writer and I honestly hated to write because I have never been confident about my writing, but I learned that writing can be fun and a stress reliever. Professor Wirstiuk taught me to be confident and challenged me to write from my heart. Not only was I challenged to share my personal stories, my creativity was put to the test every week. Professor Wirstiuk gave me the confidence boost I needed to allow myself and my writing to be imaginative. Professor Wirstiuk makes her students feel secure about their writing, confident about their ability to be inventive and most of all she made my peers and I feel as though our writing mattered.

– Kayla (college-level student)

I’m Kai from China. A month ago I decided to retake TOEFL since I was not satisfied with my score in writing section. There was only two weeks for me to prepare, thus I came to Laryssa for help. She was very patient and helped me revise my practice essays. Though my vocabulary was not various, she told me to concentrate on the logic and the structure. She could always find my weak points in my essays and provided me practical advice. What’s more, I used to write some useless sentences about background in the beginning paragraph. She advised me to write something more related to my main point and use simple words to express directly. I think all she did contributed to the final result. When I saw my TOEFL exam score, I couldn’t believe it- I got a 30 in writing section! It is Laryssa who helped me and let me perform best in my writing section. I appreciate a lot on the advice she gave me.

– Kai (college-level ESL student)

Laryssa’s passion for writing is immediately evident. Her critiques are always constructive, positive, and helpful, and her expertise for composing in any genre is as good as anyone could hope for in a teacher. Highly recommended.

– Ryan (college-level student)

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