Sustained Creativity Energy in a Can

Sustained Creativity Energy in a Can

September 1, 2009 Uncategorized 0

I would like to find an energy drink that I can chug whenever routine life drains my creativity. Spending just a few days away from Too Shy to Stop can throw me completely off course, and I usually need a full day or two to find my way back.

energydrinksToday, I had some free time to devote to TStS, but I found it difficult to refocus my energy from my other daily tasks and responsibilities. My brain was stuck in routine mode, and I needed to shift to creativity mode.

(Pictured at left: Creative energy in a can, by Kristian D.)

Is it possible to sustain creative energy so that I never need to make the shift? Perhaps all creative people need to take a break from creative thinking. If so, how can we make the transition more efficient and less frustrating (imagine staring at a blank screen, page, or canvas for hours)?

“Find sources of inspiration to combat those less than creative aspects,” said Twitter member @yellowdresses. “Obviously easier said than done, but it can be done.”

How was I finally able to post tomorrow’s story about artists promoting themselves online? I took some time to look at how artists use websites like Facebook and Twitter to showcase their work, and I was much more excited to edit and post Emily’s story. Just looking at colorful art and photography gave me the energy I needed to complete the project.

What are some things that inspire you? Do you look to certain artists, writers, or photographers to milk your creative juices? Are there certain situations or times of the day that help you work?

I usually work best at night, when I’ve completed all my routine tasks for the day. Working at night is sometimes dangerous because it keeps me from going to sleep, but I feel very inspired by the dark and quiet.

Above all, you have to believe that the creative energy CAN and WILL return! Sometimes, you will have to work very hard to recharge it, but you will find it again. Writes Twitter member @ArtFRONT, “You have to maintain confidence in your own abilities and the determination to act according to your ideas/ideals at every chance.”

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