Client: Credit Marvel (personal finance)

"Learning Personal Finance Skills Through Gamification"
"Five Reasons to Shop at Wholesale Clubs"
"How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Credit Score"

Client: (business and sales)

"Best Practices for Professional Networking on LinkedIn"
"Three Essential Outlook Productivity Hacks"
"How to Stay Fit While Traveling for Business"

Client: Add-A-Pearl (fine jewelry)

"The Meaning of Circles and the Role They Play in Jewelry"
"Insights into the History of Experiential Jewelry"
"Pearl Diving Is the Travel Experience of a Lifetime"

Client: Diamond Mansion (fine jewelry)

"5 Reasons to Appreciate Diamonds"
"Don't Like Your Engagement Ring? Diamond Mansion Can Help"
"4 Tips for Shipping Your Engagement Ring Without Ruining the Surprise"
"Blogger MelRod Style Visits the Diamond Mansion Showroom"
"Top 10 Engagement Ring Retailers in Downtown Los Angeles"

Client: Yoga in the Heights (fitness and health)

"How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Mat"
"How to Practice Yoga When YITH Must Close for Inclement Weather"
"Ringing in the New Year with 108 Sun Salutations"
"Four Ways to Showcase Squash as a Seasonal Star"

Client: Jersey City Independent (community news)

"La Festa Italiana Marks Its 110th Year As an Old World Street Festival"
"Events and Venues Confirmed for Jersey City Fashion Week, Fundraiser Tomorrow"
"Jersey City’s Sixth Annual Book Festival Is the Biggest Yet"
"Start Something Challenge to Award Grants to NJ Businesses"
...and more

Client: (b2b and public relations)

"5 tips for a quick writing makeover"

Client: web. search. social. (b2b and marketing)

"5 Tips For Engaging Your Blog Audience"

Client: The Center Piece (writing tips)

"The MLA Handbook for Citing Tweets and Other Oddities"
"Five Reasons Our Writing Center Should Have a Theme Song"

Client: Halliburton Homes (real estate)

"How Green Upgrades Increase Property Value"
"Fictional Real Estate Agents"
"Common Misconceptions about Real Estate Agents"
"How to Plan Your Weekend of House Hunting"
"5 Cool Environmentally Friendly Buildings"
"5 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays"
"Burn Calories While You Prep Your Home for Sale"

Client: InterFACE Talent (entertainment)

Client news and updates