10 Haikus Dedicated to Twitter Spam

Twitter spam is so special that it should be honored with poetry. Spam includes: barely-legal webcam girls, social media gurus, people that promise I can become rich in just one month, people who follow then unfollow me, weight-loss and fitness programs, and accounts promising free merchandise.

Tweet that you’re lonely,
barely-legal teenager.
Show us your webcam.

A million follow
me on Twitter. It’s a dream.
You’ll make it real.

Terms: you violate.
I will never know you, friend,
account suspended.

Another guru
tells me social media
will boost my profit.

Lost a follower.
I wonder what I said wrong,
who I offended.

Free iPad, MacBook
if you click this shady link!
(Virus is the cost.)

Lacking avatar,
your face is the Twitter bird.
What hides behind it?

You need to lose weight.
We sell fat-burn shakes and pills
from a basement lab.

Make money at home
while wearing your pajamas.
Be rich in a month!

Follow me again
because you unfollowed me.
Follow me again.

(Photo by Tom (hmm a rosa tint))

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